BetterChoices is a healthy lifestyle company that is dedicated to teaching, motivating, & empowering people to change their lives by making one betterchoice at a time. BetterChoices is about change. Change is easy. It’s the CHOICE to change that makes us uncomfortable. At BetterChoices, we help you understand the “how” & “why” the “what” you already know makes sense. This is what we call understanding. When you understand something, you can control it. When you can control it, you can conquer it. When you can conquer it, you WIN! It’s this understanding that makes the choice to change easier.

Founded in 2010, BetterChoices provides healthy lifestyle coaching, motivational speaking, online support, books, and additional coaching strategies, resources and tools designed to create immediate impact, facilitate change, and truly propel you into making forward progress. BetterChoices is headquartered in New Orleans, LA.

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Our Mission: to teach, motivate, and empower you to change your life by making one betterchoice at a time.
Our focus is to make you aware of the tipping points — those little things that are making a big difference in your health, mindset, and lifestyle. With our “No Excuses approach”, our goal is to help you eliminate the “I don’t knows,” which are your pre-approved excuses to evade your accountability and responsibility of making the betterchoice and empowering yourself to change your life.

Our 3 core principles and guiding philosophies:

1. Tell the Truth!
Honesty is the key. It’s the foundation required to make your lifestyle change a sustainable success. As stated so eloquently by Shakespeare, “To thine own self be true,” you must be loyal to your own best interests.

2. Know the Options. In any situation or facing any circumstance, the process of resolution has multiple options. So often we rely on what we’ve been exposed to, never acknowledging that there could be another option, a betterchoice.

3. It’s a LIFEstyle! BetterChoices is NOT a diet. It’s not a quick fix. It’s a LIFEstyle change. It’s about identifying the bad habits we have formed over the years and correcting them one by one. We call these tipping points. Tipping points, by definition, are when small things make a big difference. We help you identify your tipping points. It is your CHOICE to change them.


BetterChoices No Excuses