What a difference a year makes!  It was just one year ago Eric and I attended the taping of Oprah’s Weight Loss Finale Show! It had a been a dream of mine to attend Oprah’s show since Oprah started her show!!!  Last year, God provided an opportunity where we could not only be audience members but show participants!!!

Although Eric and I were separated in the studio, we both were focused on taking in every moment. From rehearsals the day before, to standing in the line to get into the studio, from security screening because THE PRESIDENT & FIRST LADY WAS IN THE HOUSE, listening to the audience get excited before the show, to walking on stage, and FINALLY seeing Lady O walking from stage left….I can still feel my butt in those seats!!!! LOL!!!

We left the Oprah show feeling celebrated for all of our hard work & tremendously blessed to have been a part of history…

THIS WAS THE LAST SHOW…and there we were…listening to Oprah say…”AND YOU GET A BIKE! YOU GET A BIKE! YOU! YOU! YOU! GET A BIKE!!! YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!” ROFL!!!! We had a great time! It will always be a moment we will cherish forever!  Thank you God! Thank you Oprah & Staff!!!

Check out more amazing stories from that show:  http://www.oprah.com/showinfo/Oprahs-Ultimate-Weight-Loss-Finale


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