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Our Healthy Lifestyle & Self Empowerment Speaking Topics include:

• The Jokes on Us: Our Journey to Losing 300lbs and Changing our Lives.
When most people are the butt of a joke, they get angry. I got motivated. I had no idea I was 400lbs. Thoughts of dying raced through my mind. “There are a thousand ways a 35 year old, obese man could die. The only question was, what WOULD I do to change it? This message is packed full of “A-Ha” moments, funny stories, and a serious wake-up call that will inspire and motivate audiences to change their own lives. Their message is very open and honest, addressing the excuses, changes, fears, habits, and choices.

• Empower Yourself: Three Simple Steps to Making BetterChoices

This message teaches the 3 core principles to BetterChoices. Strategies are taught to help identify bad habits and everyday excuses. Designed to encourage and equip audiences to stop accepting excuses from themselves while taking the first step, making the choice to change. Change is easy. It’s the choice to change that makes us uncomfortable.

• Tipping Points: Identify Small Things That Make A Big Difference.

This message will help audiences gain insight and understanding as we expand and share the “how” & “why” the “what” you already know makes sense. Everyone knows what to do – It’s the understanding of “how” & “why” it works that will enable you to exceed your goals and create a sustainable, healthier lifestyle.


BetterChoices Let's Cook Healthy Lifestyle Cookbook