Accountability begins here.

Healthier living made simple.

With BetterChoices, healthier living is made simple. It’s not magic. It’s science. Over the years, the process of gaining better health has gotten so complicated. We are inundated with conflicting messages, we are constantly being introduced to new and improved diets, and we find ourselves exercising relentlessly without ever attaining a sustainable balance.

As your health coaches and accountability partners, we work with you to identify those lifestyle tipping points that may or may not be working for you. Those that are working against you, we teach you how to implement small changes that will yield you results beyond weight loss.

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Nutritional Balance

Nutrition is key. Creating a balance that works for you is essential. We fill in the gaps so you can create a sustainable lifestyle change beyond your weight loss goals.

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Lifestyle Tipping Points

If you don’t know what’s broken, how can you fix it? We teach you how to identify those small things that are working for you or teach you how to change what’s working against you.

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Accountability 101

Support & daily motivation helps keep you focused. We keep you accountable. Accountability is a game changer. As your accountability partner, we help you stay true to your own best interest.

Meet Eric & Maleka

We are a husband & wife health coaching team and co-founders of BetterChoices. Our passion and mission is helping you attain better health and overall wellness.

Learn how to prepare healthier meals the family will love.

We all have very busy lives. Somewhere in between work, children, and family, we have found it difficult to find the time to prepare healthier meals at home. While many of us desire to prepare and eat healthier meals, we find it most challenging trying to figure out what to prepare, making the time to prepare it, and after all that work, wondering if the family is actually going to enjoy it.

We understand exactly where you are. We love to eat too! We knew embarking on a healthier lifestyle journey was not going to change our love for food or our hometown favorites…

Simple. Healthy. Delicious 😋

Cooking more of your meals at home puts you in better control of your health.