5 Tips To Help You Keep Control This Holiday Season

Can you believe it? It’s the holiday season ALREADY! It’s time for the family gatherings, business parties, and holiday dinners. Those dinners will include turkey, ham, macaroni, yams, greens, mashed potatoes, appetizers, pies, cakes, drinks….you get the idea.

Too often, we put forth our best efforts through out the year and during these last two months, we kill our progress because we overindulge, we don’t workout,  and we accept the excuse “It’s the holidays! I might as well…”


You already know this process does not serve you well. You’ve tried it year after year and the outcome has remained the same. So, this year, we want to help you stay on course.  We don’t want you to become discouraged or stressed, worrying about packing on those unwanted holiday pounds. We want you to put yourself in a position to win.

Here are 5 tips to help you stay healthy this holiday season:

1. Fill your plate with veggies FIRST: How many times have you started fixing your plate and you begin with the baked macaroni and turkey? We already know, every year! lol! This year, change your process! Stay in control. Start with a salad or put the veggies on your plate first. Veggies will keep you full and provide you with the nutrition your body needs. In the event salad/veggies are not on the menu, bring them! Let the healthy foods be your contribution to the dinner.

2. Avoid drinking your calories: The holiday season is more than food, it includes alcoholic beverages, sodas, egg nog, and all sorts of sugary beverages. A good tip is to bracket your drinks with a glass of water before and after each alcoholic beverage. You can also opt for infused water, unsweetened lemonade, or tea. If you decide to indulge in an alcoholic beverage, try a glass of wine instead of a mixed beverage.

3. Choose your foods wisely: The holiday season is not an “eat all you can eat” buffet. Remember, this is a time for giving thanks, reflection, and enjoying time with family and friends. When it’s time to eat, make a plan & be selective about what you decide to consume. Start with veggies. Add your protein source whether its turkey, chicken, ham, OR roast. Beyond that, decide what you want to TASTE….NO!! There is no need to taste everything!

4. Stay active: While you may be off from work this holiday season, you are NOT off from your healthy lifestyle. Continue your normal regimen. Don’t stop getting in your daily activity/exercise. We know, it gets busy. It’s important for you to get it in. No Excuses. A great tip is to take a walk after you eat holiday dinner. It’s a great opportunity to get in some activity and to bring family & friends with you. This is no time to let all your hardwork go to waste. Go into the new year IN CONTROL.

5. It’s about balance: Creating a healthier lifestyle is about creating a balance. The holiday season is the same. It requires you to create a balance for the day. Plan for your indulgences. Having a plan for the day will help you balance those ‘can’t miss’ favorites. Enjoy the day! Happy Thanksgiving.

As always, thank you for time, love & support. We hope what we have shared has helped you. Be sure to share this info with family & friends.

-Eric & Maleka Beal

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