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Think lifestyle.

BetterChoices is a process of identifying lifestyle factors that directly impact your health.

What is BetterChoices?

BetterChoices, co-founded by health coaches Eric & Maleka Beal, is a health & wellness company and social community focused on educating, advocating, and promoting better health and wellness through lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness education.

BetterChoices is not a diet meal plan, quick fix product, or a “weight loss” program. At it’s core, BetterChoices is a lifestyle. It’s a process of raising your awareness and identifying lifestyle factors that are directly impacting your health and overall wellness, including your weight management.

We call these tipping points.

Tipping points, by logical definition, are small things that make a big difference. At BetterChoices, we help you to identify and change your personal tipping points.

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What We Do

BetterChoices is a health coaching company and online community focused on teaching, motivating, & empowering individuals to live healthier through nutrition, lifestyle, and fitness education.


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Our Mission

Our mission is to teach, motivate, and empower individuals to live healthier and make optimal health and overall wellness a personal priority.

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Our Goal

Our goal is simple — to shift how you think about and approach healthier living.

Identify your tipping points. Learn how to create a healthier lifestyle balance that works for you.

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