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Meet Eric & Maleka

Co-Founders of BetterChoices  •  Health Coaching Duo  •  Health & Nutrition Advocates

We are passionate about health.

Our names are Eric & Maleka Beal. We are a husband/wife health coaching duo and co-founders of BetterChoices, a health & wellness company and social community focused on educating, advocating, and promoting better health and wellness through lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness education within highly under served communities & those who suffer the highest disparities in obesity & obesity related illnesses. We are very passionate about health & overall wellness. It’s personal for us.

In 2006, I weighed 276lbs and my husband weighed 400lbs. We embarked on a systematic approach and were able to lose a combined 300lbs! That was 11 years ago. Since that time, we’ve been advocating healthier living through simple lifestyle changes and as a healthy lifestyle coach, helping clients reach their personal health, wellness, & fitness goals. We continue to work with different community organizations, schools, & fitness gyms providing free & fee based classes/group seminars to educate on the importance of healthier living through nutrition.

While we are passionate about health and wellness, we are extremely passionate about eating good food. What we realized early in our process of regaining our health was our passion & love for food would not change. We are from New Orleans! Need we say more.

We knew in order for us to commit to this process long term, we knew food was going to be the critical component. The food had to look familiar, taste great, be simple to prepare, and for a family of four, be affordable. After a lot of recipe reworkings, research, and good ol’fashion trail and error, we released two healthy lifestyle cookbooks. Our Let’s Cook! cookbooks provide many of our favorite recipes that are health, simple to make, and delicious if we say so ourselves.

If there is an opportunity where we can support your health & wellness initiatives, please email us directly,

Beyond weight loss. What began as a moment of fear, became an inspirational journey.

Changing lives one BetterChoice at a time.

We are passionate about educating, advocating, and promoting better health and optimal wellness through nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle changes. We have been blessed to work with many great local community events, fitness centers, and nonprofits to help support various health/fitness initiatives.


Get cooking with BetterChoicesTV.

Check out the latest episodes of Let’s Cook! with BetterChoices. Learn how to prepare simple, delicious, and healthy meals the family will love. We also share healthy lifestyle tips to help keep you inspired and motivated on your health journey.

Inspired to share our journey with the world.

What began as a moment of fear became an inspirational journey that would change our lives. Little did we know it would also be a journey to inspire and change the lives of others. Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to share our story and mission of BetterChoices on The Oprah Show, Dr. Oz Show, and Essence Magazine, just to name a few.

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