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Let’s Cook! Healthy Dinners with BetterChoices
Over 30 Dinner Recipes made Simple, Healthy, & Delicious

What’s for dinner? Glad you asked! How about something simple, HEALTHY, & delicious?

Let’s Cook! Healthy Dinners with BetterChoices is simple and direct. We have included 40 dinner recipes that are easy to make, do not take a lot of your time, and have plenty of flavor! We have arranged this cookbook with sections for vegetables, chicken, seafood, and turkey, and each recipe includes the nutritional information.

It can be an overwhelming process when you embark on a healthier lifestyle, not just for you, but for your family as well. The truth is, breakfast, lunch, and snacks are pretty straight forward. Most people do not struggle with those meals. For some reason, dinner gives us grief!

Our goal was to show you just how simple it is to put together healthy & delicious meals for your family. Each dish has the versatility to make other delicious meals throughout the week. It will keep you and the family from getting bored with the leftovers….if there are any!

Let’s Cook! Healthy Dinners with BetterChoices will help you eliminate the cooking struggle! Eric and Maleka have included 40 healthy dinner recipes that show you how simple it is to prepare quick, healthy, and delicious meals. This latest book includes chicken, turkey, fish recipes, as well as, healthy side dishes. Each recipe includes nutritional information and most dishes can be prepared within 30 minutes.

List Price: $19.99 SIGNED COPIES NOW ON SALE: $15.99

Let’s Cook! BetterChoices Healthy Lifestyle Cookbook
A Guide Inspired by our Love Affair with Food & Our 300lbs Weight Loss Journey

“When we embarked on our weight loss journey 7 years ago, we knew one thing that would NOT change for us — our love of food and passion for our New Orleans favorites! The truth is, we did not become two very obese individuals by eating wheat grass and drinking vegetable juice…


Red Beans & rice, fried chicken, po-boys, crawfish etouffee, fish and grits, stuffed peppers, sweet potato pie…these were the foods we grew up on. These were the foods we overindulged in and to be quite frank, we knew we did not want to give these up!

We were certain that in order for us to be successful on this lifestyle journey, we had to discover new, healthier ways to prepare our favorite foods. As a result, we not only lost a combined 300lbs, we created a framework that transformed every aspect of our thought process and lives.”

Let’s Cook! BetterChoices Healthy Lifestyle Cookbook, Eric and Maleka share with you over 50 of their favorites recipes, including some of their New Orleans’ favorites like red beans & rice, sweet potato pie, stuffed peppers, and baked macaroni. Each recipe has the versatility for you to make it your own!

Let’s Cook! BetterChoices Healthy Lifestyle Cookbook also includes tips on how you can create your own road map to a healthier lifestyle. Eric and Maleka provide tools to help you better understand nutrition, healthy food swaps, food facts, and so much more.

List Price: $29.99  SIGNED COPIES NOW ON SALE: $23.99

This book not only inspires me to cook but to take into consideration WHAT I am eating .. It has a wonderful guide & Well wouldn’t wanna ruin all the surprises inside! I will use this book as I continue my weight loss journey & Healthy Eating.. I appreciate all the helpful meals because I’m a ordinary chicken & fish type person but as I begin expanding my choices I must say I could not have picked a betterbook! –Stephanie

Anyone needing help with taking on or maintaining a healthy eating lifestyle should get a copy of this book. The recipes are delicious. They are Healthy. And they are all easy to fix. I highly recommend picking up a copy of this cookbook. You will be very happy with it. –Mike

I love it because it includes the foods that I would actually eat and love, just healthier! I love all the recipes! -Lacole


Change your thought process. Change your life.

How do you change your life? …One betterchoice at a time.

Change is easy. Change is a process. Change is required. Truth is, when we stop changing, we stop existing. When we stop existing, we stop living. When we stop living, we lose ourselves and our ability to actively create the life we want.

Let today be different! It’s a new day, a new beginning. Today presents you an opportunity to focus on your purpose. It gives you an opportunity to tell the truth about where you are, where you want to be, and to practice patience as you go through the process. Commit to small, consistent actions, & hold yourself accountable.

You are the only one who can create change in your life. These five (5) foundation builders – Focus, Truth, Patience, Action, & Being Accountable – will help guide you through your process of change!

List Price: $13.99   NOW ON SALE: $11.99

Journal includes:
Paperback journal with motivating quotes.

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