What’s the difference between knowing and doing? Your choice.  See, knowing better does not automate the process of doing better. Hell, we knew better than eating a pack of cookies every night. We knew better than eating right before bed or eating in bed well after midnight. We knew drinking only cokes and juices was not as beneficial as drinking water. We knew all of these things. So do you. Yet, we found ourselves making the same choices. What we realized is nothing was changing. Let me correct that…the only thing that was changing was our waist sizes and overall health. So just like you, WE KNEW THE RIGHT THING. Knowing was not the issue. The truth was simply we were not doing it. Why? Because we had not changed our choices.

Watch this week’s episode of BetterChoicesTV as we discuss the difference between knowing better and doing better.

Knowing better does not automate the process of doing better. Knowing better creates the opportunity for you to CHOOSE better. A different result requires a different equation; a different process. If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting. Growth happens when YOU change things. That change begins with your choice. You must always be aware and accountable for what you choose. Understand, every choice has a consequence, whether positive or negative.

What we are encouraging you to do is to commit to making BetterChoices. How? Ask yourself, Is this the betterchoice? That question will always have an honest answer. What you choose, well..that’s your choice.

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-Eric & Maleka Beal

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