Shift your approach.

At BetterChoices, our goal is to shift how you think about and approach healthier living.

Education. Awareness. Advocacy.

At BetterChoices, our goal is to shift how you think about and approach healthier living. We advocate and are committed to increasing awareness through lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness education.

Our clients appreciate our ability to connect with audiences in bringing humor, real life experience, and expertise to healthy living, sustainable weight loss, nutrition, and healthier cooking.

We’ve been blessed to work with and support many great local organizations in their community efforts of educating and promoting better health and wellness.

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Group Health Coaching

BetterChoices is a healthy lifestyle company and online community focused on teaching, motivating, & empowering individuals to live healthier through nutrition, lifestyle, and fitness education. Our group coaching program is a great alternative to an individual coaching program. Whether it’s a group of family, friends, or co-workers, our group program addresses the various aspects of creating a healthier lifestyle and collectively supporting individual health/weight loss goals.

Webinars & Seminars

Our SessionTime program is a 2-hour session presented as a live webinar or seminar. Participants will learn how to create a balance between their lifestyle parameters and their nutrition & fitness goals. This program emphasizes nutrition education and the detailed step-by-step approach to creating a healthy lifestyle.

Increasing your awareness.

We are committed to increasing health awareness through lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness education.

Additional Speaking Topics

Making BetterChoices: How We Lost A Combined 300lbs!

This message is packed full of “A-HA” moments, funny stories, and a serious wake-up call. Our message is very open and honest, addressing the excuses, changes, fears, habits, and choices we all face as we make that decision to make a change.

Truth. Tracking. Activity.
Three Simple Steps to BetterChoices

This message teaches the 3 core principles to BetterChoices. Designed to encourage and equip audiences to stop accepting their excuses while taking the first step to implementing small changes that will yield a big difference.

Tipping Points: Small Things that Make a Big Difference

This message breakdown lifestyle “tipping points.” These are the small things that, over time, make a big difference as it relates to health, wellness, and sustainable weight loss. Truth is, everyone knows what to do; most people don’t understand “how” & “why” what they know is either working for them or working against them. These are what we call “tipping points.”