Truth and Hope

What do you hope for? Do you hope to lose weight?  Do you hope to stop overeating? Do you hope to start exercising? Do you hope (and pray) to drop 50lbs in two weeks? Do you hope to change your life?

If those are things you hope for, then what is your truth? Are you overweight, obese, or morbidly obese? Are you still struggling to lose weight and keep it off? Do you make excuses about finding time to workout? Are you being honest with yourself about where you are, what you are doing and what you are NOT doing?

Let us share with you what we know is true: Hope is a reflection of your dreams. Truth is your reality.

Just like you, we struggled with our weight. Yes, we were two very obese individuals. Why? Because we lived an unhealthy lifestyle. We did not exercise. Physical activity wasn’t a thought or an action in our lives! We consistently made bad food choices. We never made the quality of our lives or our health a priority. Worst of all, our actions were shouting to us that we just did not care. It was not until we were slapped in the face with the truth, that we were WILLING to deal with it and READY to change our hopes and dreams into our new reality — living a healthier & more active lifestyle.

We knew we could not just hope things would change for us. We had to create the change.

Watch this week’s episode of BetterChoicesTV as we discuss the difference between relying on hope and acting upon our truth.

Your dreams, the things you hope for, can only become your reality when you live & work within the realm of your truth. Don’t just hope for change; create change. Your dreams require your actions to align with your choices. At the very moment you decide to change your process & make betterchoices, your outcome and your life will change.

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As always, thank you for time, love & support. We hope what we have shared has helped you. Be sure to share this info with family & friends.

-Eric & Maleka Beal

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Eric and Maleka Beal are health coaches and co-founders of BetterChoices, a health & wellness company and social community focused on educating, advocating, and promoting better health and wellness through lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness education.