Small things.

Learn how to implement small changes that will yield you big results beyond weight loss.

Healthier living made simple.

We, like most of you, have tried everything. From diet soups, diet products, and way too many other “quick fixes” to name, none of these things became long term, SUCCESSFUL solutions. It took many years before we realized we could no longer focus our attention and efforts on weight loss. Instead, we focused on the daily choices that SUPPORTED the healthier lifestyle we desired to create for ourselves.

With BetterChoices, healthier living is made simple. It’s not magic. It’s science. Over the years, the process of gaining better health has gotten so complicated. We are inundated with conflicting messages, we are constantly being introduced to new and improved diets, and we find ourselves exercising relentlessly without ever attaining a sustainable balance.

As your health coaches and accountability partners, we work with you to identify those lifestyle tipping points that may or may not be working for you. Those that are working against you, we teach you how to implement small changes that will yield you results beyond weight loss.

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2:1 Health Coaching

Through our 2:1 coaching process, you get guidance from a team that understands where you are and has the experience & expertise to help you through it.

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Nutritional Balance

Nutrition is key. Creating a balance that works for you is essential. Learn how to create a nutritional balance and lifestyle beyond your weight loss goals.

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Lifestyle Tipping Points

If you don’t know what’s broken, how can you fix it? We teach you how to identify those small things that are either working for you or working against you.

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Accountability 101

Accountability is a game changer. As your new accountability team, we help you stay committed to your own best interest.

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Physical Activity

Fitness is more than exercising. Our goal is to shift how you approach and incorporate exercise and daily activity.

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Support & Motivation

Creating a healthier lifestyle is a challenge. Having the right support and daily motivation helps keep you focused.

Getting started is simple.

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Commitment. Consistency. Control.

Weight loss success is a tangible result. Implementation of the 3Cs is what makes the tangible, sustainable.


Meet Raegan

I connected with my Better Choices healthy lifestyle coaches at a time when I was trying to lose weight that accumulated over years of putting myself on the back burner. I put everyone and everything in my life before myself.

I remember my first meeting with Eric & Maleka where I told them that I didn’t have time for myself and they told me that if I didn’t make time for myself that I wouldn’t be beneficial to others. At the end of that conversation, I didn’t truly believe that I could be a priority but I took those words and ran with them. I took control of my life, followed their instructions exactly and I began to see my life and my body change before my eyes. Read more >>


Meet Lois

After moving to New Orleans, I began working out as much as possible but nothing seemed to change.  I entered a weight loss challenge at my gym and after several weeks of “tantrums,” I finally started to get used to some changes in my diet.

I met Maleka and Eric when they were giving a talk on tracking food during this challenge and somehow, I had a revelation when they shared the idea that “it’s all about the numbers.” It took the emotion out of the struggle…Read more >>


Meet Pat

I have accomplished so much from BetterChoices…mentally, physically, spiritually, motivation…everything. It’s been something I really didn’t expect and it’s just been something that has become a part of my lifestyle. It’s covered ALL the bases.

I would have never thought that it would be like this; especially with you guys being where you are, in New Orleans and me in California. I didn’t think even the weight loss would work. It has been an amazing journey!  Read more >>