“We love teaching, motivating, and inspiring others to live healthier lives and to make BetterChoices. Whether through personal coaching or group sessions, we are passionate about self-empowerment through faith, awareness, and accountability, as well as, advocate the attainment of optimal health through simple healthy lifestyle changes. We have had the honor and privilege to partner with Xavier University, Greater St. Stephens FCBC, Skin I’m In Youth Conference, Anytime Fitness-Gentilly, Community Book Store, as well as many other local organizations, conferences, and media outlets.

We speak about a wide array of healthy lifestyle topics, from creating a healthier lifestyle to attain optimal health & sustainable weight loss, to lifestyle tipping points, healthier cooking and shopping on a budget, nutrition, daily activity, relationships, personal growth, as well as, our own personal 300lb weight loss & lifestyle journey.”

Read their full bio here and download their press kit here.

If you’re interested in hiring Eric and Maleka to speak at your organization or event, please email ericandmaleka@betterchoices.co. Speaking fees are based on location, time, and seminar/workshop requirements/requests with the organization or event.

Please take a moment to complete the form below. We look forward to speaking with you.

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