What Are You Willing To Change?

This week we have a simple message.

It’s really a question that we hope will inspire you to look at where you are, examine the things you are doing, and encourages you to take those steps necessary to achieving those things you want to achieve. As much as you may not want to change, deep down inside, you know, something MUST CHANGE.

So we ask you, “What are you willing to change?”

Understand, until you change what you do, you will continue doing what you don’t do.

It’s simple:
do or don’t,
will or won’t,
can or can’t,
positive or negative,
happy or sad,
love or hate
believe or doubt
change or remain,
choose or “don’t choose”…recognize, even when you don’t choose, you are STILL making a choice.

Here’s the deal: living life is about making choices; activating your free will. At all times, you are either doing something or doing nothing. There is no middle. There is nothing neutral about that process. Life truly replicates our heartbeat…up & down. The only time life will ever be neutral is…


…in death.


As always, thank you for time, love & support. We hope what we have shared has helped you. Be sure to share this info with family & friends.

-Eric & Maleka Beal

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