What Do You Believe?

Have you ever driven through dense fog?

Driving through fog is rough. Sometimes, it’s patchy. Other times, it’s extremely dense — you know, 0% visibility. You can’t see (S)ugar (H)oney (I)ce (T)ea!

We usually turn our headlights on but that¬† just lights the area right in front of us. It’s never enough to light the full way. Some of us will even put our high beams on, thinking if we control the light, it would improve our visibility. Instead, it makes it worse, really inhibiting our vision. What we soon realize is we MUST drive with our low beams. We must slow down. More importantly, we must pay attention.

What happens when we take these steps? We arrive.

Here’s the deal. The circumstances in your life are just like the morning fog. You may not be able to see what is in front of you, behind you, or on side of you. But what you do know, is if you keep your headlights on low beam ( faith ), slow down (accept & flow with the process), and focus on the next step (paying attention), moment to moment, we will arrive to God’s appointed destination.

God ensures our arrival. He guides our walk, only if we allow Him too. Sometimes, it is hard to resist the DESIRE to control the process ( putting those high beams on). But you know, every single time you try to interfere, God tells you and shows you, “I Got this. All I want & need you to do is drive forward.”

When we drive forward, no matter the pace, we will arrive.

As always, thank you for time, love & support. We hope what we have shared has helped you. Be sure to share this info with family & friends.

-Eric & Maleka Beal

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