Will you yield to the “yellow signs” in your life?

How many times have you been on your way and you see a traffic light. You have no worries because from where you are, it’s green. You have the “go ahead” sign to continue your pace and travels. As you approach closer, the light changes to yellow. Instead of slowing down, without a thought, you speed up! Why? …because you want to beat the light!? What you don’t want is to have to slow down, stop, or God forbid, WAIT.

Isn’t that light a sign of caution? Aren’t we suppose to yield to the change? When that light goes from green to yellow, the change is suppose to trigger us to slow down, pay attention, & prepare. It let’s us know that in the next moment, you MUST stop. In the next moment, there will be something coming across your path. If you don’t stop, the consequences would surely be tragic…all because YOU did not choose to yield to the sign.

How many times have you ignored the signs in your life? How many times have you thrown caution to the wind & found yourself falling…fast… praying to God that if He catches you THIS time, you promise to do it differently next time? …how many times?

Truth is, God speaks to us all day. Whenever we pray & ask God a question, HE answers it almost instantly. The problem is we usually miss the signs. We are so busy looking for what we want to see that we miss what God needs us to see. We are so focused on the “green light” that we choose not to yield…better yet, we don’t want to yield.

Understand this – Yielding is about listening. It’s about patience. It’s about understanding you must CHOOSE to slow down. Once you recognize “the sign,”,you must choose (free will) which way you will go. Will you adhere to the change required? Will you yield to the moment of caution, preparation, awareness, change, or truth?

Life has its own time table. Yes, your story is already written. Believe us when we tell you, your choices determine whether the pages of your book are turned one by one, turned back, or the book closes.

…pay attention. God is in the simple details.

As always, thank you for time, love & support. We hope what we have shared has helped you. Be sure to share this info with family & friends.

-Eric & Maleka Beal

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