Healthy cooking made simple.

Learn how to prepare healthy, simple meals that the family will love…or at least, like a lot!

Learn how to prepare healthier meals the family will love.

While we are passionate about health and wellness, we are extremely passionate about food. We love to eat! What we realized early in our process of creating a healthier lifestyle, was our love for food would not change. We are from New Orleans! Need we say more?

We knew, in order for this “lifestyle” to work long term, food was going to be a critical component. The food had to look familiar, taste great, be simple to prepare, and for a family of 4, be affordable. We also recognized we all have very busy lives. Somewhere in between work, children, and family, we have found it difficult to find the time to prepare healthier meals at home. While many of us desire to prepare and eat healthier meals, we find it most challenging trying to figure out what to prepare, making the time to prepare it, and after all that work, wondering if the family is actually going to enjoy it.

We understand exactly where you are. We love to eat too! We knew embarking on a healthier lifestyle journey was not going to change our love for food or our hometown favorites. After a lot of recipe reworkings, research, and good ol’fashion trial and error, we released the first two cookbooks in our Let’s Cook! healthy cookbook series. Our goal was to share many of our favorite recipes that are healthy, simple to make, and absolutely delicious!

We hope you enjoy the recipes as much as we do!

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Let’s Cook! BetterChoices Healthy Lifestyle Cookbook

A Guide Inspired by our Love Affair with Food & Our 300lb Weight Loss Journey

Let’s Cook! BetterChoices Healthy Lifestyle Cookbook, Eric and Maleka share with you over 50 of their favorites recipes, including some of their New Orleans’ favorites like red beans & rice, sweet potato pie, stuffed peppers, and baked macaroni. This cookbook also includes tips on how you can create your own road map to a healthier lifestyle, as well as, tools & resources to help you better understand nutrition, healthy food swaps, and so much more. Available on Amazon

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Let’s Cook! Healthy Dinners with BetterChoices

Over 30 Dinner Recipes Made Simple, Healthy, & Delicious!

What’s for dinner? Glad you asked! How about something simple, HEALTHY, & delicious! Let’s Cook! Healthy Dinners with BetterChoices is simple and direct, designed to help you eliminate the struggles with cooking healthy meals for dinner. Eric & Maleka have included 40 dinner recipes that are easy to prepare and have plenty of flavor! They have arranged this cookbook in sections for easier reference and each recipe includes nutritional details.
Available on Amazon